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To My Future Girlfriend

Many people with Autism find it hard to “Fit” into society's norms. There is always this “Unwritten” rule and understanding that neurotypical people can pick up on; what is appropriate to say and do, when, and why. We on the autism spectrum, well, we do not do so well with this “Rule”. It does not exist to us. It is even worse when seeking out our future mate. I think neurotypical people have it bad, as it is. Dating is a CRUEL world. But the people who have it worst are those on the Autism Spectrum. You will not find more honest, loving, and caring people than those who are on the autism spectrum. Unfortunately, the world is too shallow to notice these people, and most oftentimes even judge others by the way they look, or how much money they make. With given my issues in finding that special girl, and watching others on the spectrum struggle, I was inspired to write the following letter from my heart, “To my future Girlfriend”

Dear Future Girlfriend:

I have been waiting to meet you! I know you will be so good to me. You will accept and love me like no one else has ever. I will return your love in the same way, but at a so much stronger level that you cannot ever imagine. I have Autism, a Developmental disability, but this is not anything you judge me on. I can love just the same as anyone else. I am overweight and not an “underwear model”, but you don’t see me for my body, but for my heart and soul. I have anxiety issues that plague me, but you see me as a person and an equal to you.

We will enjoy traveling and exploring the world together. We will be happy doing anything. Whether eating out, bowling, traveling, playing cards, spending time with friends, whatever it could be: we could be doing nothing and just chatting, and we will still be so overly happy just to be with one another.

As we are best friends, we challenge each other to the fullest. We push each other so far in every aspect of our lives, to try our best at everything we set out to accomplish. We also want the best for each other, even if we can’t be together all the time or at all.

If your parents like me, they like me. If not, you will not care and still love me. I feel the same in that I don’t care what my family thinks. This bond and special friendship is between us and only involves us.

We will never have to question each other, or wonder what each other really means. We will trust each other to the extreme. If there is not any trust, how can there be love?

We live out our own lives, have our own interests, our own jobs, but when we come together it is simply amazing. Words just cannot explain.

Until the day I meet you, I will be waiting. I will be lonely, but I know the day will come where I will not have to look anymore.,. I can't wait till it comes :)

Love always,


That is my letter, and I published it. Hopefully those who look at people with autism (or other disabilities) as not appropriate mates, OR that they idea that we are not interested in becoming close with someone, will read this and “Take another look”

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